hai sayang !

Saturday, 16 August 2014


"Would you like to be mine?" she asked.
"if I leave, will you stop me?"
"I wont force you. After all its what you'd decided"

Cold. Dark. Pushed me to my limit. I can't handle this. I am sorry.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Birthday!

Saengilchukkahamnida!! Happy birthday to me......!

Walao.. I am 22 years old now. Today. 14th June. Blergh. I definitely feel old. Most probably because the age that is increasing in number. I mean not 222 years old, its 22.. from 21 years old. Haha. Get the joke? No? Young people don't know how to joke.  Andwaeeeeee~

I got to realised so many things. I could say that I've changed more. Starting to love myself than to love anyone else. To appreciate myself, as been told by my dearest Azleena and to be positive. And to love Bangtansonyeondan (BTS)and Taeyang more. Huahuahuahua. 

And so it happens, poof! Magic question been asked by my nekmi. "Who is your namja-chingoo (boyfriend)?" My nekmi doesn't speak Korean. I made it exaggerated like that. :3 A question like that asked because, I dont know. But I dont have one. *not self advertising*. Its hard to answer that question nekmi, it's hard!

But above all of that, I am grateful. Very much grateful for things that happened.. Thank God!