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ConfidentIsBeauty: imagination + fantasy = ?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

imagination + fantasy = ?

fantasy and imagination . both are irresistible . best of friends i can say . and how will i relate it to some of the things that i love ? or i hate the most ? or anything that i ever dream of? even if i can't have it , to imagine like i'm having one , will be just enough for me . why ? because i create my own world .

i rather dream, fantasize and even imagine a lot for reality is too hard to handle . there will always be my weaknesses that i couldn't control . to make it better ? yes . i tried a lot . worked out ?? urm .. a bit out of it .

the truth is , i don't even know what the hell i'm talking about . i'm in my highest state of meditation . hahah ~ *oke it is not funny .

i am mentally dehydrated . i'm cracked up .

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