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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pengenalan . Introduction .

ehem ehem . testing 1 2 3 ! wokeyh ! ready ?

hye ! born on 14th June 1992, my parents named me CHARLENE CHLOE . i can say that i am a person who can't sit still for 5minutes (unless i'm sleeping) . i love to talk. A LOT . and most of it are pointless . ya i know ..pity me . :[ or maybe it is because i am the eldest among 4 siblings that i can feel the responsibilities and leadership ( so to called ) make me as who i am . haha !
unfortunately, when i walk with my siblings i will always be seen as the younger one for my height is only 150CM which is too short for a TEENAGER like me . never mind, SHORT is CUTE . agree ? ^_^ ah ya ! when it comes to CUTE-ness thingy, i love BLUE and WHITE . i don't know why , but when i shop for clothes or accessories or what ever it is, these 2 colors will always grab my attention first . :D wee ~
well, growing up as a spoil brat makes my life a bit COMPLICATED when i am offered to further my study here, at KUALA LUMPUR . :[ as i never leave my parents for such a long time, i suffered from this disease called HOMESICK. huhu . everyone does . right ?? after a year and half studying here, i grow up a bit .
just in case you need help, i can always be your best listener . ^_^

of course after that, drinks will be on you . one cup of MILO please ? and chocolate too ! haha . kidding . *actually i'm hoping for it . :p
bla bla bla . i love sports and i sprained my ankle quite a few times already . heheh ! ==" hurts enough but i love the attention given by parents and friends. (not an attention seeker. it's UNINTENDED hee ~ ^_^) .
right now, i'm counting days as i'm super excited going back to SARAWAK. err . i have to face my final exam this coming November .. so , wish me the best of luck ya ?

okay . i think that is enough .. so now, i'm going to jog . i'll write again . bye3 love one !
p/s : do correct my grammar . i'm still learning . :)

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