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ConfidentIsBeauty: The Story of A Comedian .

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Story of A Comedian .

it happened to be in a club . a blissful night where everyone enjoyed the show .
a comedian told them jokes . and the audience ? they laughed until they cried . the comedian was so happy to see the smile on each of the faces . and then he told the same joke again . this time, only a few of the audience laugh . and for the 3rd time, he told the audience the same joke and none of them are laughing .
and he said ,
" you see .. you can laugh at a joke only once; it is when u heard it for the first time. when i told you the joke all over again, none of you are laughing at it. this is what you are suppose to do when obstacles come and hit you . you shouldn't cry for the same thing over and over again. you shouldn't give up trying . when i told you the same joke just now, u seemed to get bored . why don't you do the same to problems and obstacles that you faced ? don't you get bored when u keep on crying and blaming those around you ? "
the crowd became so quiet that it seemed like a some kind of funeral is going on.
and the comedian smile, he said again,
"none of you should give up for the pain is inevitable. but you can always heal when you have the determination and courage to do so . so .. who wants joke ?? " and the night went on again..

we can always hope for something better, but we can't never expect too much. it'll hurt . :)

p/s : you can always cry for something that hurts you the most, but when is it you will let the pain to end ?


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I totally agree..! :D

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wee ! :D time kaseh by !

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