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Thursday, 20 October 2011

when nightingale tells you her story ..

there was once a love story . of me and that prince charming .. started wonderfully with colors of joy and suddenly broke up with a strike of unforgotten mistakes . and it seems that i can't have you for you already promised her commitment . i'll always pray for you .

heart broken , i can say . and i'm making myself a fool . for still blind to see the truth .. thanks for all this while . please . take a good care of her . and if you ever read this, don't feel bad. we're COOL right ? i'm ALRIGHT . i   can't hate you, but i have to . i'm sorry .  


Idil Ikhwan said...

ish3,,,,, xperlu la sampai nk bnci2,,,haha...

CichiiCacha said...

diam lha ko . tgh sediy niyh ! T.T

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