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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

if i can make a novel of my own love story, u'll be bored. hahaha.

lately, lot of things involving "love complication" occurred and i can't barely see which one is good or bad . i'd been blinded and it hurts SO MUCH. i just can't get it . how do you define LOVE  actually ?

it is so cheap that we can easily blurt it out. and how can i trust love when people simply said i love you and it is just words without meaning. get what i'm saying ? and i must admit this one. 

for one particular reason, i love flirting. why is it so ? it is because when i fall for a person real deep and my heart being played, it feels like i must have my sweetest revenge on those who i called BOYS/GUYS/MEN.  i enjoyed doing it, make them fall for me and voila ! leave them in any seconds. i am bad . i know . and it make sense if those around me in IPBA and wherever i am, labeled me as PLAYGIRL.*even my mom said so. =.=" 

but one thing that keep on bothering me; KARMA. what goes around, comes around.  yeah, i believe in it . who doesn't ? well, those who doesn't believe in it is stupid. for i'd play with many precious heart, i think i deserved any form of punishment. but mind you, flirting is defined as " behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions" . ( and it can be anything else, depends on the context )

and please i beg you, if you don't know how flirting goes, don't simply say that i'm flirting with guys when i'm being friendly with them. like seriously you need to know what the differences are. somehow, i wish i can stop it. i want REAL LOVE that can sway me away and makes my heart beats faster. when and where can i find it ? hmm . i'll leave that to time. *being dumped a few weeks ago. serve me right huh?

what else to say ? i can't stand a relationship that bores me enough . i want excitement ! not the same old way .. err, don't get me wrong. excitement = lots of activities, and other things that i couldn't write here. i just wish i can get my prince charming .. awhhh ~

until here, bye2 !

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