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ConfidentIsBeauty: a relationship with ?

Sunday, 6 November 2011

a relationship with ?

i don't see even greater point of having a relationship with one . i mean , the boy-girl relationship . what is so good about it ? *well actually there are the pros and contrast in having one* .. haha .

since i can't sleep, the voice inside me keep on asking questions. so this is it .. *i'm having my intrapersonal conflict . hahah ~

am i being jealous of those who have one?
- nahh . undeniable . sometime it is , and sometime it is NOT .
just that i love being alone for the mean of time, until i find one who really catches my heart and intentionally make me as his one and only ,,

when will i find one? yet to come is it ?
- i leave that question to TIME , one who can tell the perfect minutes, hour or secs for me to make a move . ^_^

why won't you accept those who keep on trying luck?
- well , if from the beginning i know him as friend, then the friendship will stay as it is . i can't simply change it into love . risks of failing in the relationship are so high. i prefer one that i haven't meet, enjoy the moments of knowing him,  and feel the beautiful melody of beating heart that i call as LOVE . *perghhh! muntah hijau*

choosy aren't you?
- am i ?? haha. well, who doesn't ? everyone wants the best in their life . approximately out 9 1/2 out of 10 girls/boys are being choosy . and that includes you ! haha . i am not choosy , just that i am being a lil' bit picky on the one that i love . haha . isn't it the same as choosy ?? *confused*

what are the MUST HAVE in your dream guy?
- ohh . if i get to write all of the MUST HAVE, Mr.Google will surely ban me for writing craps and illogical stuffs. since you asked me about that(kononnya lha) i'll answer u.
my future SPECIAL ONE TO BE must have :
: the ability to take my heart and control me under certain "circumstances",
: the power of making my heart melt as hot chocolates,
: the strength to lift me up when i'm completely fall ,
: the magic that can make me smile when i'm tearing apart,
: the potion of making my world full of stars and butterflies
: the foundation in being supportive ,
: and the courtesy in taking those responsibilities and respects my FAMILIES at their worst or good.
: if he can play guitar, then it is a bonus for me ! yeayy !
p/s: err .. do you have any of it ?? let me know !

you are hoping a lot and you know that you should expect less for the pain and risks that you have to face are greater than you can imagine. do expect your so called knight come and save you ?? what if he don't?
- yeah .. i dream a lot . i hope a lot . and everything means a lot to me . i believe in my heart , i believe what it says . but i don't neglect my mind , cause my heart can't decide without her telling what is right and wrong. and i know he will save me . i am sure of it . if he don't i'll make him as my punch bag . haha . kidding ! *i mean it actually . :P

last question, do you care about his look?
- common "stupid" question that i heard almost everyday . yes, i am not ! hahaha . ironically said . to be frank, i don't look for the face, i look for the pure and sincerity in accepting me as his half. if he comes with such package, then i'll be thankful enough! hahaha ~
"look is not with the eyes, it is with the mind" - i forgot whose saying is this . hehe! sorry . ^_^

hah ! finally .. i'm done typing . fuhh ! i  pity my brain and heart for they have to face this kind of conflict in the middle of the night . haha ! sorry both of u ..mwuahh ! *brain n heart say : "WHAT EVER CHARLENE."

due to my previous heart complication, my precious heart is still under construction and building up again. patience and smile are the essential ingredients that i put into it . syhh ! it's my secret . ^_^

until this, bye2 !

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