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Thursday, 8 December 2011

puas ?

there will always be something . tak pernah hidup kita tak ada apa2 yang terjadi . tak pernah ada relationship yang tak terumbang ambing dan goyah . we can never escape from problems where God wants to test how strong we stand in HIM.

cool intro huh ? well actually, there's a lot that Cha nak kongsi dgn korang . terlampau banyak . tapi biar Cha ckp ttg one particular subject. tentang dia. ya . dia dah ada yang punya . berkenalan since dr February 2010, my life went upside down . i keep on reminding myself, dia DAH BERPUNYA . i avoided him . hurts enough, but i don't mind.  bla bla bla .. lots of things happened, lots of hearts involved and FAITH is shaken.

make it simple. Dia menghilang dr Cha for about few months . yeah .. hidup Cha agak ok, since Cha tataw apa2 berita ttg dia and what so ever. tp menyakitkan when suddenly i got text from an unknown number. well, u guess who. it's him . sekali lagi Cha mengalami gangguan emosi . sakit gilaaa ~ but that's not the point.

just now, a few minutes ago, i received one message , from him , saying that he fought with his girl becuz of my previous blog entry about him. i asked who told his gf about my blog and he answered , don't know.
and Cha tak tahu sapa yang bagitahu gf JDJ yang Cha wat entry pasal dia . come on guys ! be matured enough !! why must u tell someone , something that might ruin everything ?? what the hell ?? one peringatan untuk kamu :


clear enough ? kalau tak puas hati, cakap depan . and this is my blog, i write what i want. annoyed ? offended ? Control + W and u'll never read this.

there will always be one spesis yang tak suka tengok hidup org lain . a big applause to you from me . bravo ! =)

p/s : this entry is not for those that easily offended by statements made by me . any inquiries please forward to Miss Charlene Chloe . thank you .

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