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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Blemish Lab Ac sebum clear acne cleanser - Nature Republic

as my skin caused me lots of troubles in terms of hearing  lectures given by families and friends, i tried to find solutions for untuk kulit saya ini . tried quite banyak produk before, from Garnier to what ever it is , sy pun dah ingat . and semalam, while my friends and I jalan2 at TS, tiba i saw NATURE REPUBLIC and apa lagi, kawan sy pun ajak lah masuk dalam .. kot2 ada yang sesuai with my face. bla3 .. tiba2 the SA  show me this .
tadaaaaa ~ after penerangan and bla3 ( what usually the promoter always do ), my friends and the SA ask me to give it a try . i bought it along with its Moisturizer and here what i love the most about it :

1. it cleansed your face deeply dan kulit anda terasa soft and best sangat2 !
2. it doesn't foam that much tapi bau dia syok !
3. works best for the ACNE PRONE skins !!
price = RM 56

and this is the moisturizer :-

so, the bottle design is quite simple and it is from glass, not plastic. bila SA tu letak tester on my hands, surprisingly, the moisturizer cepat meresap ke kulit dan serius tak rasa berminyak! most of the moisturizer that i'd tried membuatkan kulit berminyak, nampak shiny dan yang sewaktu dengan nya, but this one, work the opposite way around !! bau dia pula, macam TEA TREE which is okay for me ..

so, why i love this moisturiser ?
1. cepat meresap ke dalam kulit
2. doesn't give you that shiny look
3. leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

price = lupa lahh .. about RM50 something .. hee ~

i'm loving this product and i shall tell you the result later, ayte ? so bubyeeee !

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