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Friday, 13 January 2012

What's happening?

Life aren't that sweet.  Often that bitterness and tears come and fuse in.  How many actually, among all us, able to stand up and keep our faith strong ?  How exactly you define what life as it is?

The impurities of nature, shaped us as who we are.  We tend to judge others, assuming that we know them well.  How about we ourselves them?  Do you ever have that thought of thanking God, even for a moment of who you are?

Complaints, dissatisfaction are what we always heard.  We are lucky enough that we have limbs and all that to get all of the works done perfectly, you know?  We are lucky that we've got at least a few bucks to buy foods yet we waste it.  We are lucky enough that we live peacefully and not in fear like those in Afghanistan, Syria and everywhere else.  But why is it, we take things for granted? Even me myself take things for the sake of it.

Now think .. Everything that you had done, you'll receive it back. Either it is good or bad .



teman-bicara said...

life is sweet if we're good enough to appreciate what we have..if not, ur life might not sweet as others...yup i agree that some people always take something as easier as they are..therefore by hook or by crook...we should thank to god what we have now...

Charlene Chloe said...

sure it is . we never know what will come up next and materials sometimes make us forget THAT WE CAN NEVER SUCEED WITHOUT GOD.

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