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ConfidentIsBeauty: Make up hauls and reviews

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Make up hauls and reviews

Hello sweetheart! It's been a while since my last make up haul and reviews. So here are some hot stuffs right from oven for you. :p Shall we start lads and gents? :*

First product of the month is ..... trrrrr *drum rolls*.. Melon Kiss Lip Smacker! Guys, tell you truth, I am in love with this lip balm.This smells damn nice and I swear, I feel like eating it!! Aaaaaaah. Seriously.. Smells fruity delicious! As how any other lip balm, this hydrates my lips well enough and the effect stays for almost 8hours. Even if it is already washed off with foods and drinks. No sticky feeling. Yup. Not at all.  So, this is a total perf (perfect)!

Second fav beauty product is, NYX soft matte Lip Cream in the shade of Antwerp. It is pink peachy sweet colour. A pinch of girliness. :D What I love about this lip cream is, it is not a lip gloss nor it is a lipstick. It is the mix of between this two little things.  It is a total win for me!! The colour stays long, but it rubs off eventually after some eating. This lip cream also does not smudge easily and that's why I love it. :D

Third fav is my NYX Jumbo eye pencil in shade of Black bean and Bronze. I've been looking for a good, affordable eye shadows and walahhhh.. I found this in Sephora store. As the texture is creamy, it does not create any trouble applying it onto your eyelid. However, be alert that it is creamy hence it smudge easily and if you apply it on your water line, the percentage of looking like a racoon, is probably high. :D Beware of that. Overall, I would love to add on a few more colour to my make up rack. :D
 Nyx jumbo pencil  in black bean.
Nyx jumbo pencil in Bronze. Yup. I broke it. -_-

Last fav product is NYX LE CHICK FLICK waterproof mascara. What this mascara does is it lengthen your eye lashes. How ever, it does not give you the volume effect which is a bit dissapointing for me. But never mind. The wand is what I love the most because it collects my eyelashes perfectly! As how it claims to be waterproof, well yes it is. So no worries my dear. You can cry all you want with this lil' thing. :D It took me forever to remove this mascara anyway. -_-

So that's a wrap everyone!! Hapy reading!

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid doing reviews. The opinions are all belong to me. :)

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