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Saturday, 6 July 2013

But that's not racist.


Things that anger me the most is when a stranger suddenly bitch about me without knowing why. I don't intend to be awesome*coughs* but I mean like, excuse me ma'am but your butthole is damn big and it stinks. Cover it up. Like seriously, what wrong did I do? 

Okay. So the story went like this. I was strolling around Masjid Jamek with boyfie. We went into a lil' mall (I forgot what it is called). We went inside for the sake of having the air-conditioner. Yup. How cheap can that be rite? But that is not the problem. As I strolled I bumped into a lingerie shop, had my eyes on the beautiful bras (excuse me, please), and it turned out to be I am out of cash. So we went downstairs for ATM machine, queued up for such a time. So, what I did was, I joked around with my bf. Well you know, like normal couple did. We laughed, we practiced martial arts (weird, I know) and blah blah. And just so that happened, an Indian women of middle age stands behind us. I didn't care because you know, I just don't care. A few minutes after that, her friend/daughter showed up. 

And then, boom! Shit happened. She started to talk as loud as possible. It is not just a talk, but she's bitching about us! She said, IF WE WANT TO SHOW ROMANCE, DON'T DO IT PUBLIC. GO FIND A ROOM. I mean like seriously bitch?? We were just joking around and you became that envious? Pfft. Woman, you need boyfriend too I guess. :P And for like 5 minutes, she mentioned about how Malaysian is not civilised, the ethics, the morale. She talked that loud that I feel my eardrum were bursting. Well maybe because she stands behind me. Lol.

My bf and I stared at each other and we were holding our anger from being disrespectful for warga emas. Emas lah sangat kan? For all these while, I void my thoughts that Indians are rude. Excuse me, but that is what I think. Just so you know, that bitch turn that thought off. I know that not all Indians are the same. I have few of Indian friends. Revathy,  Vivi. They are nice. But as for this people, they are rude. It feels like I wanted to use my bf's silat skill on her face. Biar dia tau silat melayu tu cane. Kan? Kan? Kannnn? Pfft. 

But what kept me from bursting out was the quote I had read once upon a time. It goes like this, "DON'T FIGHT WITH A FOOL. THEY WILL DRAG YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL AND DEFEAT YOU WITH EXPERIENCE". Cool huh? I became wise enough that when I knew I have the right to fight her, I did not. 

What I am trying to say is, I am not a racist. Not at all. But kerana nila setitk, rosak susu sebelanga. U know what I'm saying? Because of your deed, your race is now labelled as rude when the fact remained is, only one or two of you that behaved that way. And if you are trying to talk about respect, lemme teach ya one thing, women. RESPECT IS GAINED, NOT EARNED. Can you brain this? I don't think so. 

Next time when you want to talk about people, please have a look at yourself. Are you perfect enough? Are your boobs aligned with each other? Did your ass that round and juicy? I'm sorry. Out of topic. Blergh. But nobody is/are perfect. Be it. If things that you saw cause an eyesore, close your eyes and pretend nothing happened. Ain't that cool bitch?

I am sorry for this long entry. Might make you bored, but this is just an experience that I am very disappointed with. Peace out!

Nostril is big. I know. 

Do watch this video. :D

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