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ConfidentIsBeauty: 11/11/11

Friday, 11 November 2011


haha . guess what ? i bet people all over the world are talking about this right now .11/11/2011 ..
a date that bring luck or charm or something bad is it ?? how should i know ?

people in FB keep posting craps and other nonsense and illogical things about it. what about me then ? yes . this date means a lot to me .. a person whom i choose to let go once upon a time is born on 11/11/1991 . who is he ? TAKEO; it is not his real name . it is what i USED to call him before . :)

well Takeo .. i sent u message last night , wishing u all the best in your life . may u will always be with her and may God bless you for now and always. you said that " tq so much.. :) xsangka nuan akan wish (xsangka kamu akn wish) .."  i remember every lil' detail about you Takeo .. yeah . i still keep all of the notes , the songs , the lyrics and the coin . even i know that we are not meant to be , but i'll let time decide for me. i'll let memories stay with me , and i won't forget you . :)

as for now, Happy 21st Birthday Takeo .. God Bless . sincerely, LIL ONE .

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