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Friday, 11 November 2011

duit . money . kaching-kaching!

who says money is not evreything ? who says money can't buy love ? look .. i'm not being materialistic. money is everything .

how can u survive in this era if you don't have money ?
how will you feed your family if you don't have money ?
how will you pay for everything when you don't have money ?
how can you LIVE if you don't have money ??

the questions above start with HOW . and how do you think you can live without money ? money makes the whole thing work !! even when you go to toilet, u have to pay for at least 20cent already . it is still money what ?? and why the hell i suddenly talk about money ??

fyi, i'm studying at KL and hell yeah i need money to survive . paying everything and bla3 .*not to include shopping for all of the necessities . and every month my GRAND PARENT .. i repeat GRAND PARENT will sent me few bugs .. just to make sure that i eat well here . i feel awful ! why ? because i got my allowance and what do you expect from RM430 per month ?! it is not enough . SERIOUSLY.

after doing some thinking, i think that i'll work this holidays . just to get extra incomes, enough for me buying ticket to fly back to KL .

life is hard and life is money i can say . so , get ur ass back to work and get money !!!!

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