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Sunday, 27 November 2011

read .

often i think of becoming someone else which is not the real me . definitely it hurts you ultimately deep in the veins when people just can't accept your "well-ordered" way of thinking. it is not a crime anyway when you act like a dork . kinda cool ..

why don't all of us be our true self ? none of the us, and the prime ministers, and the dogs, and the cats, and the fishes and the chickens will blame us for being who we are. who cares about your messy hair ? your tongue ? your nose ? your hairy armpit ? *euwhh!  :p

because that will make you as who you are. for example, when people said , " dude !! your nose hair sticks out! " just smile and said, " i know and it's sexy . " . and when you're back home, please do something about it . yuck! gross . =,="

yeah, just be who you really are . it's our attitude towards something that make us as who we are. i am pretty sure that you are not a loser . who wants that LOSER tittle anyway ? sometimes, i do . and again, it is not against the law. remember, once you'd fall down, get up . please don't stay on the ground . life will step on you real hard .. :)

i make this post just in case you need something to read. hahaha . enjoy !

p/s : smile . laugh . and you'll be okay . :)

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