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ConfidentIsBeauty: what is wrong with you ?

Friday, 25 November 2011

what is wrong with you ?

i supposed that her mind being poisoned by hatred in her heart that makes her can't think properly.  who is she btw ? she is TETT . can't mention her name here . but i bet those beloved friends of mine surely know who the heck i am talking about .  hohohh !

to make things simple, i don't even know what is wrong with her . i lowered my ego, just to apologize and i think i'd made a fool of myself . my apology is not accepted . kesian kan? in fact , she took it as a ticket saying that she's winning . the hell ?

look, i am not saying that i am ANGEL-licaly good but i think she shouldn't make this kind of thing so obvious .. we are no longer kids. i repeat, WE are no longer kids. in case she doesn't realize yet, we are now in IPG and next year, is our 1st year degree !! come on mannn .. like seriously she acts like a kindergarten kid . ada masalah, putus kawan . konon lah . yikes !!

somehow, somewhere , i just don't know how to deal with this kind of species . adehh .. maybe she wants the attention by saying that i am bad and talks shit and all kind of that . well, if she wants it to be in that way, let it be lah . it's beyond my control anyway . i'm losing absolutely nothing to her .

to be exact, i'm tired. maybe it is caused by the chromosome of being "nice" in my blood and i totally need to be mean sometimes. but how lah ?? teach me bahh . =,="  haish . what ever it is, i pray the very very best and terbaik for her . may God bless her . AMEN .

so nice kan me ? still praying for her, even she make taik on me before . hahha . my religion teaches me that . to forgive . :)

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