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ConfidentIsBeauty: fashion crime.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

fashion crime.

day 2 - people will keep on complaining. here , there or what ever it is , things that are seemed imperfectly ordered will for sure satisfy us, vice versa, perfectly ordered things won't stop us from complaining. whether we are wearing clothes or not, normal or not and what ever it is, people just can't stop on complaining! even now i am making one .. 

but that is not the main point here. i'm talking about fashion !!

with so much trend coming into Malaysia now, i'm not left behind of following the fashion issues or any of the so called COOL styles. it is just that some clothes, or materials or any of the carbs didn't suit me and u and us too ! 

fashion is well known of matching and mixing clothes . as long as u are comfortable wearing it . but hey, it comes to my senses that some the kiddos, or budak2 baru nak up, make fashion as a crime . not only them, but approximately half of the worldwide are committing at least one fashion disaster. homaigodd !! 
when i walk to any of the places, i will at least spot one fashion disaster . i am not saying that i'm good in fashion, no i am not .. but i surely know how does berserabut dan sakit kepala to see they are dressing up like .. err .. yeah . u know it urself .

one of the best example i can give to you is, try to walk to Berjaya Times Square or Bukit Bintang or Pavilion . you will see a bunch of budak rasa up wearing weird clothes there. kadang-kadang macam na gelak, but eksekius me .. they wore what they like . in trend maa ~ kan ?? *suka hati dorang ah na pakai apa? *

but i'm embarrassed enough when i see the KAUM HAWA wear baju or dresses like tidak cukup kain. and i was like , "girl, where the hell do u put ur pride and dignity ??" personally, i feel a bit offended when the guys said that they can't control their NAFSU and KEINGINAN utk melihat asset kita . got what i'm saying ? but what am i suppose to do when different people have slightly different opinion from me ? then 1 nasihat me to u is :

UKUR BAJU di badan sendiri . by right, don't wear too fit or too loose, just be moderate .. supaya ta ade lg KES ROGOL. oke ? it is for our own good . :)

p/s : hanya sekadar membuat refleksi diri .

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