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Saturday, 19 November 2011

rememberance .

day 1 - finally .. i'm home again . the official day of holiday . yeah man ! kinda sad to leave KL . i don't know why , but it seems that i am not as excited as before. i mean , going back to hometown . pffft ~ i know why .. the broken heart thingy . that's the reason why .. haha ~ well, now that i'm here , i really wish i can forget all of the miseries and whatever it is that happened A LOT recently .

hmm ~ after all, i decided to work . to get some extra incomes . i'd talked to mummy yesterday and she DIDN'T ALLOW . and same goes to my GRANDMOTHER . now i'm thinking of what the hell i'm goin to do this whole holidays ?! putting and adding on FATS i guess . urghh !

yesterday, i arrived at Kuching Inter. Airport at 6.30pm due to the delayed that AirAsia always made. i almost can't fly back for i miss one of my booking number .. i met my families and i missed my crazy monkeys. haha ~ tried to text them . but the bloody insufficient airtime had kill the joy . wuhuuu ~ =.="

oke . what's next ? aa ,. yea .. i read his status just now . i am not stalking , but it appears in my homepage .. so, i read it . he's in love with his ex, n i'm still attached to him . the hell is wrong with me?! i seriously need to stop it . there's no more moon, there's no more stars and FULLSTOP. that's it . easy said than done huh ?? *screw me ~* it's hard when u give ur precious heart to those who don't want it . like me . am a fool right ? fcuk .

nevermind, perhaps there's someone better for me. maybe not now, but the other time .. i'll wait and look for it .. long wayyy to go . :D and he ? he'll be just a part in my memories .. *huge sigh*

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