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Sunday, 25 December 2011

lessons in life.

sitting in front of my laptop just now, i browsed through Youtube, searching for any song covers that might wind my mind and suddenly i came across this one video.

Homeless Boy steals The Talent Night .

i beg you to please watch it . you wouldn't know how much the boy had been through . and something came to my mind ..

i am girl with perfect families and friends. i got my parent's house to live in, i got proper foods and perfect daily needs . but still, i am one of those people that sometimes take things for granted, when there are people out there live with nothing . 

this video actually taught me lessons ..

once you had fall into one stage of life that you think you are not able to live with, just think. a lot of people out there, live with no money, family, friends and everything.  they fight and struggle a lot just to get a spoon of rice . you wouldn't have the idea on how much they had suffered to make sure they keep on living .. you couldn't imagine how tired they are looking for jobs and keep on hoping for something to make their life better . 

what about us ? our life that had been "equipped" with lots of these and that, yet we still ask for more . and what about them ? 

having your degrees or masters for what-so-ever-course that you had, won't make you any better, if you still had that stingy and selfishness in your heart. giving at least RM1 to those who need it, won't harm you in any of the ways. as a matter of fact, small things count . God will love you more for sure . 

until here, Merry Christmas darlings ~ =)

the one,
Charlene Chloe

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