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ConfidentIsBeauty: The Love Story.

Monday, 26 December 2011

The Love Story.

Once upon a time, far away from city, there was once, live an adorable little girl. She charmed people with her sweet and innocent look. A line of smile on her face makes every hearts melt and love her more.   She is Angel, whom loves nature and painting so much.  Everything revolves around her, will always be her source of inspiration. None of us have the idea how she had struggle just to get that piece of hope to keep on living.

She always have that way of thinking that is different from any other . Each of the problem that comes, she always manage to solve it; whether it is risky or not. But one day .. while she was at the town buying her needs, suddenly she saw something that makes her heart beats fast. She never felt that way before.

"Excuse me, lady. You dropped your scarf," a voice suddenly talk to her; and yes, it belonged to a handsome young man. She was at the moment frowned, and stunned. Angel became a bit confused.  What happened to her ? She'd lost her ability to speak, is it ? -- not for now.

" well, yes it is mine. Thank you, young man ," Angel smiled. That face, yes that face with beautiful smile makes the young man lost in his world. He never met any beautiful girls beside her late mother.

" Sir, we have to go," an army equipped with guns and shield suddenly burst into that silent conversation between them.

" Oh, well, i have to go now . take this, this shall remind you of me. if it is destiny, then i'll make you mine, soon . take care," and the young man went away with his horse and the army.  Angel look into her hand, it's a beautiful pendant - made from shiny green jade with a small crystal in the middle of it.

"yes, if it is our destiny, then i'll be yours. i'll wait." she whispered, taking the pendant next to where her heart beats.

since then, she keeps on hoping and the pendant will always remind her of the young man. even it is for a moment of seconds .. =)

the one,
Charlene Chloe

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