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Monday, 13 February 2012

My story.

Recently, I'm back to the same old me, being EMO again.  I don't know why but I think, I need to be sign in into one of the mental asylum.  My love story haunt me and I'm quite sad since then.
Jeremy Danny, he's the first person that I met and made my heart melt as he makes my heart leap every second!

But there it is, he got girlfriend already and I LOVE HIM.  To make things worst, he loves me as well. And the reality tortured both of us as we can't hold each others heart.  Knowing that I can't have him, for he's with other girl, I just wonder why is it hard for me to get rid of him from this lil' heart.  Why couldn't I find another man?  The empty space seems like it couldn't be fill with others. I just don't know how to end things that I'd started.  He left. Just like that.  And I MISS HIM.

It is lovely February that brought me to him, via FaceBook. Knowing him for a while, made my life beautiful. My ego made me say that I don't love him, when the truth is, he owned my heart already.  But things changed as time goes by.

We can't never be together. He's my prince charming. My knight. He taught me beautiful things about love. He taught me the how painful love can be. He's the one. Yes, he is.

And life knocked me real hard. I'm helpless.  What should I do next?  My lecturer had once said to me, " Charlene, love yourself first before you can afford to love others, then your second love will be your family.  The last one will be your Mr.Love. God had created you in pairs.  Patient and prayers should come along with it. "

And I realize, that someone out there, is just like me.  Don't give up, please? Life aren't that beautiful and that is not reason why we shouldn't enjoy it..  Love are everywhere.  We just have make it happen. A small effort can make a huge difference. What about you?

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