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Saturday, 10 March 2012

school based experience. =) a jar of sweetness.

woahh ~ fuhh .. it's been a while aa I didn't update anything ..
how's ur weekend ?  let me update you, with my own experience ..
here how it goes. ehem3 ! ^_^

I used to think that being a teacher, is just not me.  As I am more into socializing, mingle around and can't stick into rules, it's quite stressful for me.
And this week, starting from 5 March, we are having our SBE. What the heck is that ?? SBE is School Based Experience which require us to gather information about one particular school.  So I'd chosen Sk St Peter, my old school.
Guess what? I met with my teachers, who used to teach me everything.  Though it is quite a time that we see each other, still they recognize me and proud of who i am now.
I met the children, from 7 years old till 12 years old.

"eh! Ada cikgu barulah .. Selamat pagi cikgu!"
Arrived at the school on 7.05 am, I saw a group of student lined up in front of their class.  I thought they are doing the job or were waiting for the teacher to come in.  And again, I was wrong.  They lined uo, because they wanna greet all of the teacher a very good morning
I'm impressed. =')

On the 1st day, nothing much happened but towards the end, I walked around the school and I bumped into one class, called Kelas Khas, specifically for the down syndrome students.  And there they are.. learning how to write, how to read with teachers, though they know they can't never do it well .
those beautiful kids teach me how to love, even more .. :)
here is the picture of me with them ..

kiri : slow learner, pekak n bisu (kanan )

more pictures :
 murid sama tinggi with cikgu . =__=

 the adorable twin! <3
 santai sangat kan?? :D
jyeah ! rockin the school with 5M ! :D

thanks St Peter for the memorie

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