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ConfidentIsBeauty: What God have actually done to me.

Friday, 13 April 2012

What God have actually done to me.

Being a full time-single-lady and free from any attachments for 5 months make me proud of who I am.  I used to think that I could not survive without love, but yeah.. I was wrong.  I CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT OXYGEN, GOD AND FAMILIES AND FRIENDS. ^_^

Last week, I've got conflict with my friends.  It is all because of cheer leading.  Thanks to our lecturer! Btw, my team, The Blue has actually got 2 leaders, me and one other lady.  You see, we've got conflict since 2nd semester of foundation at IPBA.  I couldn't do nothing much but to forgive.  Yeah,, I'm so kind that I can still forgive her after what she had done.

In any of the ways, she repeat her mistakes once again.  I'm tensed up. I hate her and blame things around me. That time, I did nothing much but to pray from God; seeking for peace and calm in soul.  Yes I did found peace and calmness.  I forgive her.  But still I can feel that annoying moment when we practice together.

Choreography and formations and yells are not yet completely done. So yeah, again I feel like the I'm going to burn IPBA and make sure that she is trapped in one of the building.  So mean right? But my best friends are always there for me you know? They helped me with choreographs, costumes and everything else. I feel so blessed! Just so it happened, my room mate, Rufina keep on replaying Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers (if i'm not mistaken) until I can literally memorize it.

when Friday come, I couldn't wait any longer but to meet with my beloved Christian lecturers and colleagues too. Well, every Friday is when all of the Christian students will gather and we shared everything that we've been through for the week or anything else.  As when I entered the place where the gathering been held, the worship team guitarist suddenly played Nothing is Impossible song!!  I frowned, Why?  Because the Holy Spirit is sending me message through my friend!  He wants me to know that, He'll be there for me, even I'm in my hardest and toughest moment! If I believe in Him, I can do everything in lots of ways that we can't never think off!

Guys and girls, it when life knocked us real hard then we fall down, that is the time when we actually need God.  Don't you realise that all these while, God is always there for you, even if you deny His existence?
I want all of you to know that if you believe in God, I'm sure that He will show you the way. He is great! All the time. He will never leaves you. Never ever. God bless everyone! ^_^


Enigmaurora said...

stay strong... everything happens for a reason. and don't forget to wear that smile on your face :)

Charlene Chloe said...

<3 oke by !! tq sgt2 ~ :'D

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