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Sunday, 15 April 2012

God's gift. ^_^

I went to one of my friends room just now when my bestie showed me an article.  It is about EMPATH (click).
Back then in 2010, when I first entered IPBA, I experienced lots of things.  I can feel others emotion even when I don't even want to, I can feel the pressures around me, my mood change out of a sudden and things become haywire!! I also can feel others pain or emotion even when they are far away for me.  Simple example is my PAPA. If he is sick, I can feel it as well, though he never told me and I always knew about it the day after.

I never take these things seriously though sometimes I get tired for nothing. For me, it is nothing but a co-incidence at all.  And so, I ever told my Christian lecturer about this and she said that this is a gift from God.  I didn't quite understand what actually she meant by "gift from God".  I try to adjust and adapt myself with this weird changes on me you know? It is hard when I got into a crowded place (Midvalley Megamall, for example) and I feel lost and moody.

And when my honey bunny bestie Azleena, showed me the article, I was shocked. I am actually an EMPATH. Walaooo!! This explains those weird things that happened around me.  Now I know what Miss Pat, my Christian lecturer said about "the gift".

What else can I do now? I always see those psychic people are cool and all that stuffs, you know?  But once it happened to me myself, it is like your whole body been trampled all over.  Sakit you know?? Haiyaa.  Please don't be afraid of me. Ever since I've got this "gift" I usually use it to understand my love ones emotion (families and friends).  I never use it for examinations purpose!! HAHA.

So yeah, I am still me, the one and only Charlene Chloe. :)) bye2 bebeh!

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