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Monday, 23 April 2012

Thank you Lord. :')

I will always be that one kind of girl, who couldn't resist tears, fear and afraid of losing something precious in life.  I might be seen as a physically energetic girl, but when it comes to soul, I need to be guide throughout the ways.
I can always do things the way I want it to be; in a good or bad ways. I always want to take risk, challenging rules that I know will put me to troubles and wondering about things that I never knew.
But when it comes to family, I am weak.  They are are my everything. My life.  I rather be alone till I die, as long as I can see the ray of happiness in them.  You can take anything out of me, but not any of them.
But who am I to control those nature? To choose and decide who can stay and go away from my life? God knows everything, anything that I had intended.
What about all those that I'd wrote up there? It is about my beloved Papa (grandpa).  He's 67 years old now.  He's gone through different stages of life. Ups and downs, tears and laughs. He even suffered from mild stroke before and it healed.  Not fully heal, but it is a miracle for me.  Not everyone can survive, not everyone are as strong as he is. Thank God for that. :)
This coming 26th April 2012, he'll be going for an eye operation. Again, I feel that faith is being tested. I'm not at Sarawak for the mean time.  I need to see his face. I miss him. I need him to know that my prayers will always be with him. Always. I hope thing will turn out well.

Dear God, Father in Heaven, grant me the strength, wisdom and courage to overcome this feelings.  Let not the fear conquer my heart, and shall Your light and love embrace my soul.  For things happen the way You want it to be, then let it be.  Bless my family, forgive them Lord in any of the ways they'd hurt You. May my Papa will always be under Your protection, I trust in You, Lord God.
Dear Christ, bless those beautiful and wonderful people around me.  Azleena, Rufina, Jaynis, Madlyne, Crystal, and all of them.  Give them happiness and supply their needs, God.  I couldn't ask for more but to see their smile.
Dear Father, the most merciful, if I can ask for something that I've ever wanted, I want to meet Jeremy Danny John. Let me know if he is still there, somewhere around. Give me hint Lord. I know it is impossible, but Lord, let me meet him. Once is enough, even for seconds.

Thank you Lord for things that You've given to me, my families and friends. Thank you Lord, for the air I breathe is a battle between life and faith.  Thank you Lord for every walk that I paced lead me to You. Thank you Lord. Thank you..

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