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ConfidentIsBeauty: 14th JUNE

Thursday, 14 June 2012

14th JUNE

Okay  fine. Call me lazy-ass, because yes, I am. It's been totally a while since my last post.  I just don't know what to update and how to write.  These 2 months had drained me inside out. Yes, I survived in one piece! How cool is that huh? :D
By the way, it is 14TH JUNE. And what's up with that date? Tadaaaaaaaa ~ I am now officially 20 !!! There will be no longer "teen" following back of the age. T.T I'm in the transition period of becoming an adult. Ya, I feel old.
And people said, age is just a number, after all, life is what you make it. Yes, it makes me calm on the surface. I am not that old. *pat on own shoulder*
I realise somehow, I need to get wiser. Thanks to all of you.. You guys taught me all .. including the unnecessary one. Haha. I am a visual learner dude. Don't blame me for that ..
Thanks to God, that I am now still breathing HIS fresh air, putting me through various phase of tests, and eyes to see everything about life. I really hope as my age increase in number, my faith keep on growing as well.
Thanks to my beloved friends, that they can cope well with my craziness, stubborn-like-hell attitude.  Thanks guys !! You made my life !
Who else ? My families for sure!! I can't live without them.  They are my blood !! ^_^ million lemon thanks to them! :)) I'll make all of u proud, one day mom, dad, papa, nekmi. ^_^
So yes .. this short entry is about me and my 20th birthday.  Got nothing much to say. Forgot to take the picture of my cute cake. ayerrr ~ T.T

I'll write again soon! :)

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Enigmaurora said...

Happy turning 20 :)

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