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ConfidentIsBeauty: HEART OR MIND?

Friday, 15 June 2012


In slip of moment, confusion fused in. What has it takes to be two? Sincerity and risks, of course.

One night,
Heart whispers to mind, "Please don't do it. I'm afraid."
But mind answers, " Nevermind. We'll get through this. Trust me."

And because of carelessness, both of them repeat the same stupid mistakes. End up suffering, trying to get rid the remaining excess of so called love. Just so it happen, I'm lost.  For how many times?  I don't know.

Who to be blame ? Heart? Mind?
You think way different from others I've known. I'm impressed and yes again, you should be proud of that. I fall for you because of your undeniable intellectual abilities.  You captured my mind. But what keeps you away from me?

Nahh, I'm okay with that. Who said I'm not sad, knowing that you can't be mine? I'm torn in between. But I'm happy if I can make you laugh. Tell you the truth, I can smile for no reason when I am texting with you- though we don't have that much thing to talk about. It's okay. I'm cool with that.

Just that, I'm afraid that if I can't wait any longer, I'll stop caring about you.  Perhaps, you won't notice that, but I wish you will.

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