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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Safe and sound

Forgive me when I do wrong. Forgive me, when my words are mistakenly said as sarcasm. Forgive me, when I do everything, anything that I could, but it seems insufficiently enough for you.

I am sorry. I know, sorry can easily be said and hard to prove. I am sorry, but my feeling, can you feel that? I am sorry, I think too much of us.  I am sorry that sometimes I have to act strong, when I am not.

What else? To be said and prove, to be done and act upon, when I just want you to stay here with me. I need you, inspiring me. I guess you need that too. It's okay. You know you always have me.


hypocrite? No. Not all all. I am me. True to myself. True to everyone else. I am what you see. Judge me all you want. Talk about me all you like. I do nothing, but couldn't help by watching, hearing all stuffs that are ain't true.

I give you my words, I give you my efforts to every commitment I have. What again that is lacking here?   Is it because I don't show you my feelings? Yes. If I show you that, will you be able to carry me up the hills of hardship? Endurance. It's hard. I know and I am trying my best.

I don't understand you? Sorry. I know what have u said by all means, but I don't get you? Sorry again. My bad that I couldn't understand you.

Now tell me, where to go, where to run, when to laugh, when to cry. I'll be following.

No worries. I've been through this all time. I'm immune, neutralized by this. You see, I am here now. My lips, they are smiling to you.  Wouldn't that be enough to show that I am good, strong?

Take me as you go, or leave me at all you may.

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