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Monday, 27 August 2012

Say what?

Just when emotions and negativity comes and fused in, I failed. Again.
Jealousy kills me. Not only me, but you too. I am very sure of that.  What again are we talking about? Jealousy? Yup, jealousy.
*lebih curang camni lah jealous me :P*

Jealousy is somehow in my own particular situation is, afraid of losing the one of I love when he is with his friends (girls, for sure); and the feeling of wanting to kill them. Be it college-mate, classmate, or FB friends.  Yeah, pretty extreme... I know. :p Not up to that level, but you know.. Hyperbole. :P

>_< Being in such distance, (he is currently at KL and I'm at Sarawak), definitely makes me feel insecure. I keep on wondering, even until now, if he ever met someone that is much more beautiful than me. Or sexier or what ever that can attract him, more than I could. *hentak kepala dengan bantal*

Possessive? Selfishness? NO, but YES. =___="

ya, ya .. I know I shouldn't do that. He is mine, so what kan? And again, fear of losing. I just can't help it.  I sayang him so much! Sapa yang tak sayang kan?? *ngaku cepat!* :p

Just that, it is also a self-note. I shouldn't put higher expectation, that he can only focus on me.  He has his own life too.  We are not yet husband-wife. So, jealousy is a must, but not that .. err .. teruk, dahsyat yang maha hebat, macam me! *facepalm*

And you know, when you love someone, you will always want it to last forever. But jealousy can kill you, him and your precious relationship.  Be calm, cool, talk heart-to-heart and you'll be alrite. *wink*

I'm blessed to have him. He's a indeed a wonderful person. :)

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