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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Read and listen between the lines.

Looking for a place to eat just now, I asked me boy to come along with me. Yup, still missing him, despite the fact that we meet almost everyday. Hee ~ :3  As you know that it is now Ramadhan, every food court, be it fast food or not, are fully occupied.  Our luck I guess, we managed to get seats at Popeye. ^_^ sedapppppp ..

But something went up. Yes, he found out that my parents don't know anything about him. I am seriously-totally not ready to tell my family.  Not now.. cz  I think it is too early.. And the main reason is, I am still having heart-broken-phobia. So, to take precautions not to let my break, is a must for me. I told him that and disappointment fills in. I'm sorry. I kept the negativity within me all this while, saying that every guy is the same. And it is my fault to not give him chance to prove that I am wrong.

Then things went a bit slower than it should be.. Silence. And it kills me . And I don't even know what am I suppose to do. Supposedly that I am "well-gifted" with so called "overactive empath", I can exactly know what is he thinking about, but again, I just can't.  Blur. Blank. I'm lost.

Finally he asked me to go MPH bookstore, which he knows that it is my favourite place among all. Till then, I am still struggling with my guilt over him. Just so you know, clock ticks fast and we went back to hostel.

And again, we chat via Facebook. Hee ~ seems we can;t get enough of each other aite? :p Then we somehow accidentally talk about money and how kedekut AND berkira he is! Like seriously, I tell you .. hohohh! Up to certain time lahh ~ *sorry me boy* :p. I feel like my face is being hit by a huge stone when he told me that he is now SAVING MONEY for OUR FUTURE. No joke. I was like, what da hell??

Terharuuuuu u know!? I never thought that at this age of him, he will think about such thing. I mean, yes, he is ONE YEAR YOUNGER than me. So what? :3 I ever asked him, where did his allowance goes to ,, Back then I think that, he has to pay for his course. Well, German language course is not as cheap as you think. So I keep myself positively reminded that he uses his allowance for his own good.  Then  again, he struck my heart and said, "I transferred half of my allowance to my 2nd bank account. Well, I just started doing it before we are officially couple. And you know, I love making plan. So I think, I better start now. Menabung. Alaa,, sikit-sikit, nanti lama2 banyak lah tu. "

Guessed what, tears rolled down. I'm speechless. Not even a word comes out from my mouth. You know what people said, ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. He proved me that. Until now, I can;t believe what is he doing.. Gosh~

To feel this kind of feeling after a massive heart-attack, makes me feel I am all over the moon .. Dancing with the stars.

So yeah .. I love him. :)

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