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ConfidentIsBeauty: Me boy.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Me boy.

Starts with a simple chat,
Saying hi and hello,
Yes, there are happiness and sad,
But that won't make me go slow.

I love it when he hugs me; and things go wow ~
I love it when he holds me; and won't let me go,
I love it when he talks, soft and kind;  and of course, I fall even more!

I blame my heart for she can't resist the strange feeling I have now.
I blame my mind, for not stopping heart to fall for him.
I blame myself, 'cuz I love him that much.
And you honey, I blame you. Yes. U stole my heart.

Above all sound that I wanna hear- Your voice.
I'm sad, what makes me calm? - Your hug.
Sadness slipped in, but it brings - Your smile.
Ridiculously weird, acting nonsense - You stayed.


I am indeed in my happiest moments, after having a massive broken-heart-attack few months ago. ^_^
Me boy, if you read this, I heart you syg. :)

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