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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Playing with emotion

After few hectic days of dancing practice, I finally got my own beauty time.  Dancing practice started at 8 o'clock everyday since last week and finished at almost 2 a.m .. I looked like zombie.  seriously I tell you.

Naaah ~ It's okay, because yesterday's show was a success!! Our sweat are paid with a beautiful flash mob I can say.  It's my point of happiness and I feel so cool! :p

And also during these few days, my emotions swing me up and down.  Is it me that being overly sensitive?  I can't tell you. I just don't know.  That feeling of wanting to be someone's-girlfriend and to be loved are irresistible. Boo~ I just couldn't afford to feel like one.

Maybe it is me that putting high hopes on him.  To pretend that I am okay, when I am not, hurts me freaking much.  Come on Charlene! I need to get back to the old me!


Allowance will be out this Thursday .. :3 I can eat what i want! worry no more about calories, ( of course I have to burn it back). Can't wait. And yes!! Malaysia mega sale maa!! Oops.. I'm a girl, of course temptations are everywhere.  Besides, I didn't do any shopping for quite a while.. wuhuu!!

This is it for now.. I'll be reviewing about Sasa mask in my next entry. Wait ya .. :D  Take care loves!

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