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Friday, 28 December 2012


Haluuuu readersss ~ This is the second post for today. Don't know where the hell I got such spirit to write about one. So, topic for today is BULLY. You know, hearing the name itself can be pretty scary too. Others view it as a small matter and it only occurs during teenage years or childhood.  But do you know that bully can cause depression and anxiety to those who has it?  Recently, I read a case of Amanda Todd whom  committed suicide due to cyber bullying. I am surprise if until this point, you will be saying that BULLY IS A SMALL MATTER. NO. IT IS NOT.

Bully are into many categories. Cyber bullying, verbal bullying, physical bullying.. etc. I've got verbal bullying once upon a time. :')

But why do people do bullying? Tell you the truth, I was once a victim of those heartless creatures. They called me fat. Ugly. Nerdy. All kind of stuffs and I got depressed, worrying about single things I did. My confidence went down and I just can't be who I am. For me, people do bullying because of insecurities within themselves. You know, when you are good or better at things, they feel jealous and it is a point for them to bully you if you don't have that much friends to back you up. In my case, I am a good speaker and I can do presentation without any aids to help me. They found my weaknesses, which was FAT AND UGLY*with glasses*. So, they took that as a point to bring me down. And I blame myself for not being strong when they bullied me. Well, i am just 15 at that moment and friends were all I cared about. So I thought it was going to be okay.

Often also during the peak moments of teenagers, where you ought "to collect" your friends and also to make your own so called "group", the "leader" shows how he/she has the power and make people afraid of them. So, they tend to choose a victim and those victims are usually people like me. Fat, nerdy-looking, or a loner perhaps. This increases the chances of bullying where they will call you with stupid names and you feel embarrassed and wanting to bury yourself alive so this stuff can stop. You feel that too? I've been through that. We are in the same boat. :)

I know it is hard for us, you, me to be in this situation. No one understands us and how it feels. Sometimes, I wished that those bully will have to pay for the price we've been through. Don't you think? How to deal with this? Well, it is starts within you yourself.  You know you are good at things, well, show them. Take the risks. I mean, participate in any events you are good at. Don't let their words bring you down. They are not special. You are. :) So buck up!

If that didn't stop them from bullying, find your principal. Tell them what you are having. If he/she is a great principal, those bully will get what they deserve. But first, let your family knows. This is a serious matter. If they don't care, well, head up to counselor. He/she will sure give you a hand.. 

Most of all, never ever keep those feeling inside. This is caused depression, anxiety, and worser, causes homicide among precious teenagers.  Bully brings misery to those who have it. It stays longggggg in heart. Scars remain and I don't deny it, me myself when I tried to dress up, those stupid bullies things will always shows up. It affects how I bring myself in social circles, my academic reputation. But I got up. I told myself, things going to be good. Even now, it is very painful, just hang in there. God created us for reasons. We might be blinded now by those heartless bullies, but trust me, there will be a beautiful gift await in front of us.

Tell you the truth, I wrote this in tears. It hurts when suddenly you remembered how those people bullied you and they feel good about it.  Until now, I can't erase those things. It's a part of me and I live with it. What make it different, is I fight for it. So do you. You should too. :')

Look, you are not alone. Iconic stars like Demi Lovato and all of them including Tyra Banks in America next Top Models are all against bullying. They even have one photo shoot about bullying. See? You are not alone. So get up and fight for it. You have me, your virtual motivator. *I hope*. :)

Till then, that's it for now and happy new year in advance love!

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