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Friday, 28 December 2012

Love Bite

Yalaoh readerssssssssss !! *What does "yalaoh" mean -_-pfft??* Anyways, Merry Christmas!! Woahhh. Time does flies fast. Too many tears, laughs and a pinch of grief came and pay me a visit. And there was also rumors saying that world is going to end at 21.12.2012. Another pfffft from me. I survived that like a boss!. And you too, don't you??

This might be a short entry from me. I just wanted to say to say that 2012 is about to settle down in a few more days and I am very thankful to those around me. Especially to my family and my special one that brings so much difference. Thanks love! My words can't never show how contented I am to be around beautiful angels. :')

Talking about hopes for 2013, I'm hoping to be greater than yesterday and better in person. May also kindness and serenity come and fill this world with joy. What about yours?

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