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Saturday, 15 December 2012

DIY : Lemon Face Toner

Hello beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, and lovelies! Now I'm going to do another skin DIY for you.  Excited? No? Yes? Who cares? *I did*

As you can tell from my tittle up there, we'll be doing a LEMON face toner! Yeayy! But why lemon?? Lemon, ladies and gentlemen contains salicylic acid which helps to combat bacteria on our skin.  This by right referring to the dark and evil acne! Destroy themmmmmm~ Muahaha! =_= I know, it's very stressful to see dark sports on our FACE actually. However, by using lemon, this may help you to lighten the scars and to treat the acne. Another benefit using lemon as your toner is that it improves your pores appearance. Here are things you going to need :

- 1 lemon
- cotton wipes/ball
- a small bowl
- knife

Cut the lemon to half and squeeze the juice to the bowl. Dab some of it into the cotton and apply it with circular motion to your face. Hold on there! Don't be too harsh with your skin. Gentle motions will do. Now, it may sting a bit. No worries!  I suggest that those who have sensitive skin to dilute the lemon juice with a few drops of water. Leave it for 15 minutes or 10, and you may want it to stay on face overnight.  Do this for 2 weeks or 3 days per week and you should see the result.

Oh. Might as well you want to mix it with 2 spoons of honey. This will make a mask and make your face glow in the dark. Kidding. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Trust me, you will have a brighter complexion when you woke up the next morning. Make sure to have small towel nearby. It will drippppppppp.

P/s : Lemon may burn your skin. If this happened, do not be stubborn enough to continue with this routine. Good luck!

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