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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Deal with me. An empath.

Being normal is not as easy as you think. Brought up to live societies' expectation is fairly what am I doing now.  Somehow along the way I learned what life is, I got this gift called "empath".

Empath is in other words referring to the hypersensitivity in one self in feeling emotions, sufferings and thoughts of others.  Empath might experience deja vu and it is actually very common among us.  However, empaths are more likely to experience this 2 times greater than normal being. ( click here )

A bit about me, I will tell you how does it feel to be an empath.

Before I know that I am an empath, I experienced quite a number of unexplained feelings that I felt.  If I were to walk in a mall with excited and happy feeling, after an hour I will feel extremely tired and out of mood in a sudden. My friend used to scold me but I couldn't find reasons and explained to them what had happened. This is due to the fact that I picked up the negative emotions and currents from my environment.  An empath will experienced overwhelmed feeling and we could not stand a big crowd for a long time!

Another one is a few months ago, my mom had complication with her uterus and she had cramp for two days. meanwhile, I also experienced the same thing, thinking that I'm going to have my period soon.  To my surprise, my grandmom called and told me what happened. I was actually shocked for my mom and I were distanced away and I felt her pain.  Numerous time this kind of incident happened.  This include that I feel sick when grandpa is having his flu and much more. Now you tell me that is cool? Not at all..

Frankly speaking, I ever sat near a friend whose having headache. And guess what, I got mine too as I was absorbing hers. Not intentionally done but because I don't even know how to control myself.  Sometimes, I even feel very weary as if I was doing heavy work.  

I know. Everyone has that wish to be psychic up to certain degree. Tell you the truth, it is quite hard for you to handle yourself, especially when you are like me- learning how to control my energy.  Likewise others may see, being an empath is maybe a curse or a gift.  Often me myself take this one as both.  For when I wanted to enjoy, I am overly distressed with my surrounding and the other way around, I know how to treat people.

If you are like me, be sure to Google it out how to handle yourself, or those near you. Yup, I am struggling with myself now. Click here on how to handle being an empath.

P/s : If you have any comments, just write down below. We are in the same boat after all.

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