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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


A little consideration without compromising is the biggest mistake I have ever committed. I know. Talking with anger will lead to somehow a real worst decision; beyond things that you would ever imagine. And it happened to me. Just now. A few minutes ago. :'(

My boyfie and I are having our peak moment at the current time. I slipped out words and said I wanted to break up.  You know how stupid it was right? You would not know. The heck was I thinking?? I claimed to love him deadly. But I slipped out that words? Shit. Yup. Shit happened at the exact moment when I don't even need it at all.

We fought, argued. None of us back off. I was driven by my anger. Now what should I do? I messed the whole thing. tell me. I'm desperately need help. Ogosh.

I promise u, I will always show you. I am strong. :')

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