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ConfidentIsBeauty: Back acne. Wait, what?!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Back acne. Wait, what?!

Halo beauties! It's been a while for a beauty entry.. My bad. Yup. sorry! I'll try to catch up what I've been missing, aite? So today, we are going to talk a little bit about acne. To be specific, back acne or jerawat belakang. 

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What causes back acne?
There is actually quite a few that triggers acne. Most of it, are to be blame on hormonal imbalance and poor dieting styles.

However, some facts that we might not be aware of, are:

Poor hygiene and sweat :
Poor hygiene is about how do we take care of our body, externally.  This means of how you take care of your clothes, especially those who are into sports and also students, not to be forgotten, muslimah that wear hijab.  Don't get me wrong here. Heat from surroundings resulted in excessive production of sweat. And the sweat were trapped on your shirts. Dirt from sweat or of your surrounding is trapped in skins, thus contributing in the production of acne.   And the frictions from your shirts, resulted inflammation on your skin which created opportunity for the bacteris. So, my advise is, do not wear clothes that is too tight, and make sure that the materials are breathable.  When you sweat, please strip, I mean take off your clothes as soon as possible. Do not let your cloth to sit on your skin for at least 30 minutes after you sweat.

Clothing or gear:
Clothing means your cloth, what kind of clothes you are wearing. Undeniable that some clothes designed, were meant to be fashion. But what does fashion mean when you have to suffer from it? Beauty is not necessarily pain, but beauty means comfortable. Clothing that trapped heat, such as polyster and and also some cotton that do not absorb sweat, should be avoided. As mentioned earlier, frictions from your apparels cause break outs to your skin and imagine this. You've been sweating like crazy, but your clothes did not absorb sweat. How many bacteria are there on your skin to waiting in line to cause acne on your back?
If you still want to look stylish or comfy, look for materials that are made from chiffon and another breathable materials. Sports brand that I would recommend are Adidas and Nike.
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And gear, refers to any accessories such as back pack, purse strap and lots of it. Rubbing or pressure n skin resulting in inflamed follicles and exacerbate breakouts. Some of it, as such in sling back or purse, especially the girls will cause allergies. And again, inflammation.

Body foam.
Now, there were tons types of body foam.  Most of it are stunningly amazing with beautiful scent. Oops! Wake up gentlemen! Some of the property contained in shower foam does not fit you a.k.a it causes allergy and acne. Body foam isn't about smell all the time. Make sure to look for the anti bacterial property such as Lifebuoy, Protex and SebaMed.

So now, a few of the causes were revealed, moving on to how you tame the acne.
1. Wear loose clothes. Or not too tight and not too big.
2. Take care of your external factors - clothes, bag
3. Use body foam that contain anti bacterial property or salicylic acid or Tea tree.
4. Watch your diet.
5. Exfoliate your skin. If it is possible, use loofah or shower body scrub. Don't scrub too hard ya!
6. Treat your acne. Try T3 back acne body wash and the gel. I could not remember but it is a spray-typed thing.


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