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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lights off.

To regret things that happened, is just too late. Thing could never be the same as it should be. I thought I was giving you my best, but no. I was wrong. At one point, my heart beats too fast because it had lost the rhythm. Sometimes, it feels like it is never there, because I miss you so much.

That day when you said "no", I was actually still holding on to the tiny pieces of hope left. I know I should not, but there was still hope right? This break up was tough on me.

You know, I was shopping for groceries last few days. And usually, you were there to carry the goods for me.  I almost left stuffs that I bought, cuz I thought you were still here with me. And when the cashier shouted, reality slapped me to wake up from the dream.  You were not there with me anymore. I left with a broken smile.

Hey you.. If you are reading this, I am sorry. I know sorry means nothing to you. I've hurt you. So many times. I am sorry. I was mean. Mean to you. But .. How are you there? Are you okay? Did you took your medicine? How was your result?.........

Sorry. Delusional. Truthfully, if letting you go make you happy, then I would be glad for that though it hurts. It feels like the lights were off. I hope you are doing good.

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