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Friday, 12 July 2013


Last few months, I mean a year before today. I don't even know you. Nor we both know each other existence. Stranger I would say.  I don't even know how does love feels like *cliche*. just so you know after my bloody damn jerk ex left me, I don't feel anything towards boys/men or whatever you may call them. I actually have the thought turning into lesbian because of this broken heart thingy. But I still have my senses then. Thank Lord for that!

So, the story went untangled and free as a single person until I sat down in the library.  Oh Oh.. This is my favourite part. Pay attention! :p

So I saw a back of a young man with brown casual shirt holding book. I was very curios so I went and stalked him behind another bookshelf. I tried to look at his face which I did! And my heart went Yahooooooooooooooooooooo~ That flawless face with double eyelid-sleepy-kinda eyes, thick eyebrows. Yup. I was certified again for falling in love.  Sorry but that happened anyways.  But after that day, I actually never saw him until we meet at the canteen. I tried to get queue in line with him. Standing in front of him. Did he noticed me? You can guess it. Nope he didnt. Time went by and we were in the same team for sports. I was very happy! And I was in charged in painting the cheerleaders face and also the marching squad. I got to paint his face that I feel like I wanted to die of happinesss~

And so I added him on fb. Trying to talk. Got each others phone numbers, going out and that pretty much it. For the first few months, we fought quite a lot about irrational things. Until now. But as we know each other we feel the love. Through numerous fights and tears and laughs and joys, we made it up to this far. I love you.

Thanks for being such a wonderful person to me sayang.

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