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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mizon Snail Cream Review

Hello beautiful! As for today, I'm feeling a lil' bit better.. So here's another review for you. :3

Have you heard of snail? And mucus? And how about snail mucus? On your face? Yup You read it. SNAIL MUCUS ON YOUR FACE. YOUR FACE ! *screams*.  Okay. Exaggeration. Pfft.

In Japan and Korea, snail mucus is used as one of the best facial treatment. It is believed to heal scars and wound and also possess the property of anti-aging. So, I guess that's the Japanese and Koreans secret having a great, blemish free skin. But putting snails mucus on your face, what the hell? To imagine putting it on my face, I feel like dying already.

But lemme introduce you to party people.. In the club.. Yeah.  *pitbull songs in backgroud*  taraaaaaa~ MIZON Function Formula All In One Snail Repair Cream. It is made of 92% snails extract that promised you in healing and resolving skins problem!

So it came with a brownish glass jar or tub or whatever you may call it. I found that the packaging is quite vintage and I love the simplicity. However, I prefer dispenser rather than having to dip my finger into the tub to which I found that it is not hygienic..   At the back of the glass jar, it is all written in Hangul (Korean writing) and I couldn't read it. But here's what I have found in the website :
  • Increases the reproduction of skin and absorb the active components into inside and makes the skin live.
  • Cleans the darkness and trouble marks thoroughly and make the whole face clearly. 
  • Removes the waste matters of pores and tight them. 
  • Supplies the moisture and nutrition and keeps the skin smooth and healthy. 
  • Fill the skin finely and makes the skin which has vitality and tight. 
  • Non-paraben, non- artificial color, non- artificial scents.
  • Ingredients: Snail Secretion 92%, Centella Asiatica, Adenosine, Peptide, β-glucan, Greentea Extract, Hysluronic acid, Betula Platyphylla Japonica Juice , Dimethicone, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Hydrogenated vegetable oil.
 Pretty promising aren't they? Here's how the cream looks like:

 The consistency is quite thick itself but believe me, if you apply evenly on your skin, you will feel as you did not at all putting any cream on your face. As how it claimed to contain 92% of snails mucus, this cream does not smell gross or awful or smells like the snail. How does snail smells like? Have anyone tried smelling snails?? o.O But having to imagine that snail mucus is on your face, yeahhhh. That feeling. I couldn't describe. And also, this cream does not have any scent and for those who fancy nice cream smell, I don't recommend this.

My skin condition : I have combination skin. Oily + dry + acne prone.

My impression:
- It claimed to heal trouble skin. Yes. I agree with that. I have acne scarring previously. And this cream is my life saver I would say. My skin revitalises and it gives me that glowing and supple and moist skin. I love it!

- It heal my acne scarring! Yeayyyyyy! My dark spot due to acne scars slowly faded and now is almost the same as my skin tone. Previously, I had cystic acne. So my face has that quite deep pitted hole. But it improves hell a lot and now my skin is almost near perfect!!

- Did I mentioned that my skin is an oily type? Well no. This cream doesn't make my skin oily as how you would see the consistency of the cream. What it does is, it absorbs onto your skin thoroughly if you massage well enough. At first, you might experienced stickiness, but in a few minutes, it will settle down on your skin. So no worry about that.. :)

Another product that also came with this cream is  Snail Recovery Gel Cream! Also fro the same range.. This is how it looks like :

It came in a pink tube. Cute .. I know rite? :p The tube has made the job easier for I can control the amount of gel that I desire. The lid is actually sealed with a foil (?) or I can't remember how do we call that thing. But I love the quality of it. Since it is a gel.. I use this after the cream. And it mattify my skin and settle the whole thing down. As far as I can remember, this gel is not as sticky as the cream, it is very light weight and it contains 74% of snails filtrate. Awesome right? Double healing power I've got for myself. :p
Another additional info that I got from other website is this :
 A gel-type moisturizer, designed to be a final 'sealing step in a multi-layer skincare regimen but it's wonderful on it's own too. It contains 74% snail filtrate and better for wrinkle care!

Okay-okay. I am 21. It's too early for wrinkle I would say.. But it's much better to make an early step rather than whining and complaining in latter. Am I right ladies? :3

My impression:
- After using the cream, I use the gel as my final step. Firstly, my skin feels tight. Well maybe that's because it is gel right? But after a while, it has blend together with the cream. So no oily or sticky feeling.
- This gel has no snail scent. And scent free. Double bonus for those who don't fancy fragrance in skin care.
- It does make my blemishes and also acne scars fade. :3 How contented I am with that... :D

I've also got 4 Baroness mask that I've got as free gift.. But I haven't tried any.. So, I will let you know soon eh?

So will I buy this product again? Yes I will!! I am so happy the result.. But as how it is almost in natural content, I don't expect this to show a better result in just weeks. So stay tune for any update eh? Bye lovelies!!

This stuffs I actually got from DeBeauteLamour. Check them out for special promotions and great stuffs!

 Bare face. No filter. And actually with cream and gel on. Notice the blemishes I Had? It is now still recovering. Thanks to this skin care range. I love you snailsssss. I mean snail cream. :P

The awkwardly odd girl.

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Hi so I am wondering what are you updated thoughts about these two products? Do you still use them? Are they both still amazingly great? I am thinking about purchasing these creams/gel soon.

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