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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Prohibited Skin Care Reviews

Heyla guys! Did you know that DJ Khaled proposed Nicki Minaj few days ago? Nicki has to go for it. I mean like, the diamond ring for $500, 000 , girl you just have to get it. :3 Sorry. But I am a fan of Nicki Minaj too. :3

And I apologise for the blog-post tittle. Well you know.. It sounds a lil' bit commercial that way.. Aren't they? :p
Okay, so I've come again for another review. Aaah. Gentlemen, we just don't know how stop it. Sorry not sorry. One of the best product I have for this month is...... *bdum tsss (drum)* The Body Shop Lip Butter in ChocoMania. 

For those who loves caramel and chocolate. This is the one girl. You just have to have it.  This is the best of the best lip product I've ever used. The smell as I said, is very caramel-ly and chocolate-ey . I feel like eating this lip butter, well literally. At first, the lip butter looked very .. yeah quite hard right? I mean it is in solid state. But as soon as I dip my finger, it melts at our temperature. I guess I am too hot that it melts. :p it is very moisturising and even after your lips is washed because of food and drinks, your lips will stay smooth just  like baby-butt smooth. Seriously.  o.O or maybe it is just me. -_- I got this from The Body Shop for 29.90MYR. It does not leave any colour stain, which is like a clear lip gloss, except for the fact that it is in butter form. Pretty confusing right? I know. I am confused too. :3
Next is my Sunkiller Clear water SPF 50+ from Beautiful Kiss if I am not mistaken. I got this from Watson of the price 15MYR. 
*trust me. This is how the sunscreen looks like.*

Did you know that sunscreen is very important for us? Regardless what gender you are, female, male or unknown. Sunscreen matters the most. Please refer to Michell's Phan video if you don't trust me. :/ So I believe this product I is from Japan (?) . I  am not very sure but I love this sunscreen so much! It is very watery and it does not leaves you skin oily nor it has make you to look obvious that you are actually wearing sunscreen. It blends to your skin tone perfectly. :3 And because of that, I often forgot if I already apply the sunscreen or not. Well you know, you forgot things easily when you are getting old *coughs*

 It claimed to be blemished-free and has that very light feel. Surprising, yes it does what it claimed to be. I was afraid at first because I have acne prone skin, but using this nearly for 2 weeks now, it does its responsibility to protect my skin! Well done Sunkiller! *pats on the bottle*

For the next product is Garnier Dwi Aksi Light Complete Double Action Black Foam. That's mouthful. This is a face wash product that I love very much!

This is a new range that Garnier launched few weeks, or months ago or I don't know.. But normally face wash comes in white or at least in clear form, but this thing is actually in black. Well duh.. It says black foam there. I feel stupid somehow. So this facial foam or face wash cleanse my skin thoroughly! Yes. Thoroughly. It is not like the squeaky clean feeling or making your face feels tight, but it leaves your face moist and refreshed. The foam is like normal foams. Not that rich or thick. A pea size is enough for your entire face or maybe you need more if you're HULK. :p I've tried using this and I did not use any moisturiser after that. It does controls the oil on my face and the morning after I used this, my skin looked as it is glowing and radiant. Or maybe I am just too vain. :3 But Garnier is known for it's whitening property. I used this foam when I had break outs on my skin. I switched my facial foams twice.. Nope. it does not harm my skin. Oh oh.. It smells good too! This one costs below than 10MYR from Guardian or Watson or any of it. -_-

Coming out next is Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser . Okay. So this came as a set from the Mizon Skin Care range I'd review previously. You can refer here to read. Just that I forgot to write it last time. So this foam, come in a pearly white type. 

The foam is veryyyyyyyy rich in texture. I mean like, I use just a pea size, add some water, lather it and voila! It almost looked like Shiseido face foam. It smells nice too despite the fact that the main ingredient is from snail mucus. Yup. SNAIL MUCUS. This foam however does not make my skin looked radiant enough but it does not claimed to do so... So yeah. But it leaves my skin feels good and for a few times I'd used this, my acne scarring fades quite quickly too. or maybe it is because I used the one whole range. :)) Does it smells nice? Of course!! Is there any facial foam smells like fart? Or is it?? o.O But this I respect for its ability to combat the acne and keep it at bay. Hail to you oh snailsssss.. :3

So that's a wrap everyone. Whose doing the slate? Oke.. Hana dul set! (Korean) .. Anyeongggggg! :3

The awkwardly odd girl.

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