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Monday, 5 August 2013

Remarks to be made.

I love make ups. I know. I don't wear make up that much. But I love it because it carries a meaning in which to say what kind of person are you. Some girls prefer sweet and simple. Some girls prefer extravagant-kind-of- make up. Cool. It's okay. And some just prefer to not have anything on their face. It's up to that person if she wants to invest a good amount of money for things that she loves a.k.a the make up.

Why you make such a fuss? Some girls, preferably like me, we don't do make up tutorial, nor we are going out with loads of make up. But we did bought few stuffs because we love to experiment and also to literally paint different patterns on our face. Nope. We are not wasting money. It is like a form of satisfaction for us. Well it's like, Why do you buy caramel machiato from Starbucks when you just can just order Teh Tarik of almost the same taste? Easy. Because Teh Tarik doesn't match your taste bud. But that's what I think. At least.

Just as how you can get a few bucks of "normal" coffee, why did you spent ten bucks just for a medium size cup of coffee from Old Town White Coffee? See. You got the answer. The texture, the feel, the quality, it matters to you right? Same thing is going on for us. We spent quite an amount of money for the quality that we love. You don't need to spent 100MYR of MAC lipstick when you can just get 30MYR of Loreal or Revlon lipstick for the same shade and quality. But things that come to your mind is that, "MAC's make up is far much better than Revlon's". So why bother about people? Just go for it. You are not using any of anyone's money. Right? or are you?

You don't have to say " Why did you buy make up? You are not even using it. Just for the sake of taking pictures?". Ehm.. Excuse me girl. Why do you buy XIXILI bra when you don't have anything to show? Excuse me please.  No offend. This post in not intended to any who get butthurt easily.  Just saying.

We love different things. You are high-class people. I am just one of the mediocre. You don't need to judge. Unless you are a lawyer. Or the judges. Or my grandma. Because my grandma loves to judge people.  Till then, if they don't poke your ass, you just don't have to poke at theirs. Does that make sense? or maybe you just prefer to be like this, if they don't stir into your business, just keep that nose out from theirs. Still can't brain this?? Okay. Read it again. That's all everyone. :)

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