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Monday, 2 September 2013

Life in a flash.

Last 2 weeks, I got my laptop soaked wet in water. Not just ordinary water. It was TEH O AIS. Yup. It couldn't be save. Seriously. You can smell that burnt .. Yeah. So I got myself a new one. Lenovo Yoga Ideapad. I thought it was cool since it is very flexible as it claimed to be. Somehow, the only problem is that, it is running Windows 8 hence there are so many things and softwares in which it is not compatible.  I can't play Grand Theft Auto. I can't play Condition Zero. I can't play games. I need to send it back to the retailer to see what the heck is wrong with this lappy. Bought this for 1.6k at Digital Mall when suddenly I saw 1.4k at Low Yat of the same brand and model. Wtf? My boyfriend was also visually there helping me to sort of what kind of netbook/laptop do I want. If only he was there with me, I could have been getting a better one with lower price. But meh.. what can I do? *sigh*.

And also, I just got back from camping 2 days ago. Let me tell you girl, if your antibody is not strong or if you are not rain-resistant, please don't menggedik main with hujan. I got bad headache and also fever for 2 days. The worst part was we have to sleep in a tent filled with water. The tent is non water-resistant. Since it rained cats and dogs days and night, I couldn't have a proper sleep like I used to. Well, that's camping they said. And even worst, the school that held the camping thingy, has got no water. Can you imagine that?? and I was on my time of the month that time. Yup. Pffffft. Well I don't meant to be rude, but yeah. I have fun. Because I got to play my childhood games with le friend. Like main baling selipar, ibu musang dan anak ayam. Galah panjang. That was the best part. :3

Last 2 days also, I got to meet my boyfriend. He has gone back to his hometown for 2 months. And we didn't see each other except from video calling. I miss him so bad!! Today he will be registering at UNIVERSITI MALAYA in the Faculty of International Language (?) I supposed. But here's a prob. From my last relationships, I have been cheated lots of times already. You know what happen. I couldn't get myself to trust my boyfriend now which made him super sad. Since he is now in Uni, the insecurities grew bigger and I am actually afraid of the same thing going to happen. How am I going to deal with it? Anyone knows? And since he is now going through orientation week, he's been busy and somewhat I feel like "ada macam takda" ja when he's only like 3 km away from me. People said, don't give your love 100% because you have nothing left for yourself, and the breaking point is when you are  hurt, you will go humanely insane. :p I've done that and I've been through that. It is very hurtful.

Lastly is that, assignment. Now you see, student and assignments were meant to be for each other. And also if you broke up with one, there will always be one waiting for you. Jodoh kot. Pfft. the due dates are all set on the same week, same time. Coolest part ever, I am still relaxing. Kids, don't do this, aite? Oh oh!

This morning, I called my bf to wake him up for his registration. Once I done that, I fell back to sleep. And woke at 8 am something. I unlocked my phone, scroll through the messages and texted him, "B pg dh?"(B pergi dah?). It was in short form.. Well you know, because I am lazy like that. Anyways, I thought I sent it to him already and lil' that I knew, I sent it to my friend, Sulizah. Bam!! A reality punch on face!! She replied with "B dh bangun, Syg?" Damn it. Troll eh? Haha. That's still me though. The awkwardly odd girl. :)


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