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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

gentlemen's dignity.

Last Monday, a bull with shits came to me in a class. Yes. A real life bull. :) I was checking my lips whilst holding a mirror because it was sore and suddenly He said , "Dah la tu becermin. Muka dah la penuh jerawat. Macam kena tembak aku tengok2.". ohsem. And it was a bull who said it. A male bull. Bull with shits. Bullshit. =)

Do you would actually consider to call or to appeal such comment to a person you call friend? Boy. You know yourself. Consider yourself to be lucky that I don't actually type your name here. My friends, advised me to 'bersabar'. Yes. I bersabar to the max. That boy called me lembu. Gemuk. Everytime. Hell man. I have been bersabar with this for too long already.

And dearest readers, if you were to be in my shoes, how do you feel? I don't blame the mother or the father who is very unlucky to have a child trapped in a giant feature. But I blamed him a.k.a the bull for forgetting the meaning of respect and manners. Yes. You can bergurau. Up to certain degree. I know I am ugly, but by doing so, you are making yourself thrice uglier than me. As ugly as katak yang baru belajar berenang. Okay. Tak masul akal.

And if you consider yourself as one of the guys, you are wrong. You haven't fully grown up. You are still a foolish boy with green mucus running from your nose. You did not hold the gentlemen's dignity as how it should be.

Bro, when your time comes, you will end up being an ugly skull too. And if you happened to read this too bro, I would highly suggest that you fix the way you are now to be a better person. If it is not for your friends, do it for the sake of yourself. So that you can find happiness from within, not from disgracing people. Do I get that point right?

And if there were zombie apocalypse happen, they will not go for you. They go for ones who have brains. Should you be happy for that? Or you just can't digest the sarcasm? :) till then, God bless you

And oh. If you think this is childish, think again. An adult wouldn't behave as a bull with shits. Selagi aku sabar I will try to. Till then, please don't ignite the spark. :)

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