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ConfidentIsBeauty: The authenticity of trust

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The authenticity of trust

No matter how perfect you view a relationship is, there will always be a defect. Conflicts are irresistible. Issues. Mistrust. Everything. And the results from these often come with fights. Tears. Heartache.

To work a relationship, trust is the main core of everything. But lil' that you knew, one of you, or maybe your partner or even you yourself is having issues with trust. You can't blame her for that. Nor you can let it happen too. The only way to help her or to avoid the issue, is to learn to trust. And one thing that you might not be aware of is trust takes times to build, but a second to be destroyed.

As how awful it may sounds, but the trauma a person has with trust would affect her in a lifetime. What should you do? Blame her? Get angry with her too? No. Teach her how to trust. Show her too.

Love is beautiful when you learn how to trust. That's the main secret of a long lasting relationship. But if it takes to make her trust you, don't leave her. And even if jealousy come to stirs in, keep calm and learn how to trust.

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