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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Charlene Chloe

Life has 2 options to choose.

To be defeated and lie in pain.
To be defeated and get back again, punch them in the face, with metal rod. :)

My story is not great as many others. My story; has been always sorrowful. Even with le boyfie once upon a time.

 I learn to tolerate with pain. With bloods. With tears. I put my pride on the ground. I watched people stepped on it. I can't stand anymore. What? You gonna tell me, how pathetic I am kah? No need. I've known it long before.

Did I never be grateful of things around me? I always do. But why can't I feel happiness in me? I love to make people smile. I love doing things without them paying me. You don't need to pay me. Or belanja makan. Just pray for my well being. It's more than enough.  Or maybe I give out too much love that I left nothing for myself.. Maybe.

What if I lose tomorrow, because today sucks? No one knows. No one ever care.

I am me. I am sad. I am depressed. I feel like dying everyday. This is not me. Not Charlene Chloe that I used to be.

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