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ConfidentIsBeauty: Garden of Eden Acne Serum Review

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Garden of Eden Acne Serum Review

Well hello beauty junkies! It's been a while for another beauty review.  Shall we start? Introducing to you, Garden of Eden Acne Serum! Wohooo! *claplikearetardedseal*

Among all serum I have tried, this one is definitely the best! I have acne prone + sensitive skin which eventually made me look like a moon. With a close up view.. moon craters. Yep. Upon seeing this thing in the pharmacy, my heart was pounding real hard and I know I need to get it no matter what! 

This serum claims to heal acne, reducing scar appearance and minimise the oiliness of my skin. And it appears to be true. Except for the fact that it reduces the oiliness, it did not.. 

If it is possible to find a 100% pure organic skin care, I would love to try it out and since the ingredients listed contained no chemical and all the bla bla bla things, it really captivate my heart and trick my mind to buy it immediately.. :p As for the fragrance, it has tea tree smell which is okay for me since I'd use tea tree oil before. Nothing much. 

This come with a small bottle of 5ml and a dropper. For me, it is very hygienic.  I use 1 drop or 2 drop for whole face. And it is very oily. But don't you worry, as oily as how it appears to be, it absorbs pretty quickly. But my suggestion is to use this serum in the night time or you might look like orang minyak in day time. Seriously.. 

The oil is clear as you can tell.

I love this filthy lil' thing because of the ability to combat my acne and keep it under control. It really does reducing my acne appearance and the scars within 2 nights of usage!! I've been using this for nearly 2 weeks now and the scars are almost gone.. How cool is that?? I am seriously excited! 

As for the absorption.. Yes.. It is well absorbed by my pillow. Kidding.  and truth to be told is that, don't you be surprise upon seeing your face first thing in the morning after using this serum. Why? Because of the organic ingredients in it, it will make your skin look healthier and glowing hence enhancing the beautiful beast in you..... Minus all the taik mata and air liur. 

I bought mine in pharmacy at Saratok, Sarawak.. So it cost me RM31. Pretty expensive for a 5ml serum.. But I'd read that you can find this for only 23.90MYR at either Guardian or Watson. 

For the acne sufferers, try this one out. Worth your money! 

Disclaimer : This review is not sponsored by any party. However, my mom bought me this. Is that count? 

Stay beautiful! 

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