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Sunday, 22 December 2013


Well hullo.. This post is somehow very random to be posted. So mind you.. :P

I just broke up. Not a big deal. It is a big deal actually. Haha. Just for the fact that I didnt cry as much as how he decided to broke up last few times. I mean.. Duhh. Why couldn't i see that God is opening my eyes for someone that is precious, worthy and all that kind of stuffs? I know he will for sure brought hell a load of trouble.. but I'm still going for him. Lousy person I am, eh? pfft. I hate him. ^_^

And ooh.. My nekmi and papa bought me Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that i love so much now..
Anything that my parents' gave, I'll treasure it to death. :3

So I guess that's it? Imma watch Runningman now. :p tooooooodles!

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