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ConfidentIsBeauty: How to grow your hairrrrr..

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to grow your hairrrrr..

Lately I've been growing hair past over the shoulder which I rarely do so. But for those who have the difficulties in growing your hair beautifully and healthily and prettily and what ever -ly you wanna put it.. I have here, a few tips that I took onto practiced and bam! there you have your hair. I mean everyone have hair. Armpit hair, or that kind of hair. hahahahaha. Pfft. Kbye.

1. Wash your hair on regular basis.
- When you are sweating or the weather is just too hot, your scalp will be sweating hence producing oil. These oil are natural. But if you let your scalp unwashed for 1 day or more, and if it's itchy, it certainly gives you warning that you must wash you hair! Dirty scalp along with humidity that was trapped on your hair and scalp and follicle will work together to produce snowflakes a.k.a dandruff. Washing it will promote healthier hair and to wash the dirts trapped in it.

2. Massage your scalp
- Yes. You read it right girl. M A S S A G E your scalp. Show your scalp some love. :3 Massaging your scalp while shampooing will help the blood circulation around hence giving enough oxygen for your hair to grow. Try it for once, you will notice how awesome it feels and that your hair feels healthier. If you do it regularly, in a month time, you can see the difference.

3. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner
- Some shampoos were designed for different properties. I highly recommend Loreal with the argan oil and its conditioner and also Schawaskorf in blue colour, it contains collagen for hair. (I duno how it was spelled and its range name). I often switch with these two because it works maaaaaaagic in meeee~ Check it out. I havent try the full range for schawaskorf yet but i'm loving the shampoo and conditioner.

4. Trim your hair
- Okay. People said, if you trim your hair regularly, it will make ur hair grow faster. Girl, no its not. Trimming you hair will stop it from being damaged. The split ends will get worst if you do not trim it. Of course it makes ur hair looks healthier because the split ends were removed.

** What works for me might not work for you. Hope this help!

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